Job Code: CCADC-0284
Business Name: Charles City Community School District
Job Title: Assistant Varsity Girls Basketball Coach
Job Description: To instruct participants in the fundamental skills, strategy, and physical training necessary to realize a high degree of individual and team success.   In addition, the student-athlete shall receive instruction that will lead to strong moral values, effective work ethic, responsibility, teamwork, sportsmanship, self-discipline, leadership and self-confidence.
Skills and Job Functions. Exhibits essential dispositions and ownership of the district vision – engage, inspire and empower. Exhibits essential dispositions and ownership of the district core values – demonstrated success of always doing what is best for all kids, believes in the concept of family, demonstrated success as a committed leader, believes in the concept of passion and demonstrated success in being invitational.   Exhibits essential dispositions of being a collaborative leader and colleague – empathic, motivated and humble.   Exhibits effective communication skills. Effective outcomes in providing students behavioral and socio-emotional support.   Exhibits patience, tolerance, persistence, and flexibility for effective outcomes for students.   Exhibits organization, growth mindset, grit and enthusiasm for effective outcomes for students.   Prompt and regular attendance.   Animated hospitality approach to students, parents, colleagues and stakeholders. Demonstrate confidentiality as needed and required.   Success in the area of cultural competency, social justice, equity and working with students from diverse backgrounds or willingness to acquire these skills. Comply with Charles City Community Schools Board Policy/Regulations and Handbook Policy.
Hiring Specifications: Interpersonal Relationships: Promote sportsmanship at events and practices; Coordinate with the vertical articulated programs and staff to prepare and implement practice plans and goal setting; Demonstrate reasonable concern for the safety and well-being of student-athletes; Demonstrate a collaborative win-win spirit with other programs and activities; Establish and maintain consistent discipline in accordance with administrative policy; Demonstrate concern for the student-athletes’ academic program and conduct; Inform student-athletes of the potential hazards and the possibility of serious injury with the improper or proper use of equipment and in participation of the activity itself; Accept recommendations, suggestions and coaching from leadership and evaluators; and Maintains discipline and work to increase morale and cooperation within the school activity program and community. Coaching Performance: Demonstrate proper care of injuries and implementation of injury prevention strategies; Demonstrates and implements knowledge of the activity; Display effective team preparation in areas of mechanics, emotional readiness and skill development; Demonstrate knowledge in accordance with the rules and regulations governing the activity; Demonstrate consistency with philosophy and ethics; Demonstrated effective instruction in the fundamental skills, strategy and physical training necessary for participants to realize individual and team success; Provide instruction for effective outcomes that will lead to the formulation of moral values, effective work ethic, responsibility, teamwork, sportsmanship, self-discipline, leadership and self-confidence and Demonstrated knowledge of technical aspects of the assigned activity with an emphasis on continued professional learning to improve relevant skills and abilities. Operational Responsibility: Assist in developing eligibility lists, equipment needs and program information; Require all student athletes to complete all required documentation and prerequisites for participation; Be punctual and responsible with organizational management responsibilities; Display accuracy and effective outcomes in required documentation; Maintain regular contact with other coaches within the program vertical alignment; Provide supervision and administration of student participants during contests, events, practices, buses, conditioning room and locker rooms; and Attends all required meeting and submits all required paperwork in a timely manner.
Abilities: This position will require physical demands that include constant standing, walking, reaching/pushing/pulling, liftin up to 70 pounds, carrying 35 feet, working inside/outside, and extremes in temperature/humidity. There will be frequent climbing/stairs and manual dexterity tasks. There will be occasional sitting and driving.
Knowledge and Education: Required: High School Diploma or GED. Eighteen (18) year of age or older. Ability to obtain c Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) within a 60 day period.   Ability to obtain State of Iowa School Bus Operators permit. National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC). Meet requirements for mandatory trainings/screenings and professional learnings set by the district and State of Iowa. Working knowledge of city and school locations. Utilize computers to read district/office communications and to take required online training courses. Meet or exceed State of Iowa Department of Transportation physical health requirements. Meet or exceed pre-employment evaluation. Ability to use good judgement. Desired: Successful work or volunteer experience with students and children.   Supervisory experience with school age children. Required:   Valid Iowa Coaching Endorsement of Coaching Authorization. Comprehensive Knowledge of all school activity policies. Required Concussion Training as mandated by district and state policy.   Desired: Knowledge of overall operations of an athletic program. First Aid and CPR. Knowledge of conference/state association rules, regulations and procedures. Preferred previous coaching experience in assigned activity.
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